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Special offer up to 50% off

Dear US customers:

As a supplier of life science reagents, we are pleased to inform you that in the warm season of May, we will provide your first order with a discount of up to 50% to help you get success in your project and to learn more about us. We will offer discounts on special products every month. Products offered in May include Cat: 11184 qPCR mix, 11141 Reverse Transcription Mix, 40820 PEI, 10102 PCR mix, 10922 Cloning Kit, 40183 Ceturegel, 20350 Protein Marker, 40802 Liposomal Transfection Reagent which could be received in 2 days. Welcome your inquiry.

Contacts: Selina

Tel: +1 240-907-8336

Email: selina.li@yeasen.com 

Warehouse Address: 209 Perry Pkwy,Suite 13, Gaithersburg, MD 20877