GTP Solution (100 mM)

GTP solution (100 mM) is a transparent colorless aqueous solution prepared from GTP trisodium salt, and free from DNase, RNase, and phosphatase contamination.

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Product Description

GTP, Guanosine-5'-triphosphate, can be used in various molecular biology applications, such as in vitro transcription, RNA amplification, siRNA synthesis, etc. In addition, GTP plays an important role in signal transduction as a phosphate or pyrophosphate messenger: GTP can activate G proteins, which can induce multiple protein kinase-mediated cascade reations, causing a variety of cytological behaviors, such as cell proliferation, differentiation, etc. GTP can also be used as a high-energy precursor of single nucleotides to participate in the synthesis of DNase and RNase.

This product is a transparent colorless aqueous solution prepared with GTP trisodium salt, and free of DNase and RNase contamination.

This product is produced in accordance with GMP process requirements and provided in liquid form.

Product Properties


86-01-1 (acid form); 36051-31-7 (3Na salt)



Molecular weight

589.18 g/moL (acid form: 523.18 g/moL)


≥ 99%


100 mM ± 5 mM


Shipping and Storage

The product is shipped with dry ice and can be stored at -15℃ ~ -25℃ for two years.


1. Keep on ice while using and return immediately to -20°C after use.

2. For your safety and health, please wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as laboratory coats and disposable gloves, when operating with this product.