Hieff Trans™ PEI Transfection Reagent-GMP



This product is a Linear Polyethylenimine (PEI) after optimization and transformation, with a concentration of 1 mg/mL. This product is purely chemically synthesized and does not contain animal-derived ingredients. It is particularly suitable for the co-transfection of multiple plasmids, the production of recombinant virus vectors, and the instantaneous expression of recombinant proteins. This product has low cytotoxicity, high transfection efficiency, and is compatible with antibiotics. It has high gene expression efficiency in HEK293 and other cells.
This product is produced according to the GMP process requirements and is provided in the form of sterile liquid.


  • Small scale and large-scale production of various virus vectors and transient expression of proteins suitable for adherent and suspension systems
  • High transfection efficiency, less plasmid usage, and high cost performance
  • Compatible with a variety of commercial medium
  • There are R&D and GMP products to match the use needs from R&D, process development to large-scale production
  • Sufficient capacity and stable batch
  • The audit materials are complete, and the product declaration is not worried


  • Cell Transfection


Physical and chemical Properties Information
Form Liquid
Serum Compatible Yes
Cell Type Established Cell Lines
Sample Type Plasmid DNA
Transfection Technique PEI-Based Transfection


Components No. Name 40821ES10 40821ES60 40821ES80
40821 Hieff Trans™ PEI Transfection Reagent-GMP 10 mL 100 mL 1 L


The product should be stored at 2-8℃ for two years. Do not freeze!


  • Demonstration of Transfection Effect

Figure 1. The transfection efficiency of Hieff Trans™ PEI Transfection Reagent-GMP.

Hieff Trans™ PEI Transfection Reagent-GMP was used to transfect the suspension cell HEK293F cell line and adherent cell HEK293T cell line in a 6-well format. AAV-GFP expression was analyzed 48 hours post-transfection. (the ratio of the plasmid to reagent is 1:1)

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