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About Yeasen Biotechnology

Since 2014, Yeasen has focused on developing molecular enzymes and proteins of the life science industry. Using these materials, Yeasen engaged in the research & development and production of three major categories of biological reagents: molecules, proteins and cells. Yeasen has become an excellent high-tech enterprise, and has independent R&D and manufacturing capabilities of molecular enzymes, proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, and cells. Products are widely used in the field of life science research, IVD, NGS and biopharma.


Yeasen has developed and produced thousands of molecules, proteins and cells related biological reagents, which can meet the integrated and specific procurement needs of customers. Relying on the technical advantages of protein engineering and enzyme evolution and the rich experience in the biological reagent industry, Yeasen has built comprehensive product lines of various high quality products.


The company's core products cover PCR series, qPCR series, NGS series, reverse transcription series, nucleic acid extraction and purification series, molecular cloning series, in vitro transcription series, antibody and protein purification series, protein analysis series, recombinant protein and cell analysis series, cell culture series, cell transfection series, reporter gene detection series, etc. Products are well-supplied, owing to our Ultra Clean Molecular Enzyme factory (UCF.ME) and “mRNA tools” factory, and are of high quality, conducted under the guideline of ISO13485 and with the GMP standards strictly followed.


Based on the common biotechnology in the field of life sciences such as genetic engineering technology, bioinformatics technology, cell biology technology, immunology technology, and biochemical analysis technology, Yeasen has established six core technology platforms.

They are:

1. Directed Evolution and Rational Design of Molecular Enzymes

2. High Density Protein Fermentation & Ultra-clean Protein Purification

3. Raw Materials R&D for Molecular Diagnostic testing

4. R&D for NGS Library Preparation Reagents

5. R&D for High-quality Monoclonal Antibody

6. Raw Materials R&D for mRNA Vaccine

Protein Expression Workflow


For Yeasen, our customer is the first priority. We provide superior products and services to our customers: academic labs, detection companies, therapeutic companies, and many hospitals, research institutions, CRO companies and pharmaceuticals etc. Remarkably, we have established a comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation with multiple top-tier sequencing service providers in China, winning a national leading brand in NGS library preparation kits.



During the pandemic, our production capacity of enzymes for covid-19 testing kits can be used to test one million people per day, which greatly speeds up the process of Nucleic Acid Test and contributes to the national epidemic prevention battle. We know it is a hard time for everyone, but we are always here whenever you need.


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