Hifair™ III 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit (gDNA digester plus)


Product Description

HifairTM III 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit (gDNA digester plus) is a first-strand synthesis kit of cDNA that contains gDNA removal steps. The kit was developed based on HifairTM III Reverse Transcriptase. The enzyme cDNA synthesis speed is fast, the thermal stability is greatly improved, can withstand reaction temperatures up to 60°C, suitable for reverse transcription of RNA templates with complex secondary structure. At the same time, the enzyme enhances the affinity with the template, suitable for a small number of templates and reverse transcription of low-copy genes. HifairTM III Reverse Transcriptase's ability to synthesize full-length cDNA has also been improved, with a synthesis of up to 19.8 kb cDNA.

The kit contains gDNA digester Mix, which digests residual genomic DNA contamination from the RNA template, ensuring more reliable subsequent results. The kit offers two cDNA synthesis primers: Random Primers N6 and Oligo (dT)18, with the user's choice of Random as needed Primers N6, Oligo (dT)18 or Gene Specific Primers as reverse transcription primers, synthesized single-stranded cDNA The product can be used directly for subsequent PCR or qPCR reactions. 

Shipping and Storage

The product is shipped with ice packs and can be stored at -20℃ for 18 months.


1. The preparation of the reaction solution should be completed on ice, and the operation process should avoid RNase contamination.

2. It is recommended that the RNA is soluble in water rather than TE, as TE interferes with gDNA removal as well as reverse transcription.

3. 5×gDNA digester Mix、10×HifairTM III Super Buffer、HifairTM III RT Enzyme Mix gently upside down and carefully centrifuge to the bottom before use. Use a pipette with the right range when aspirating liquid, and do not insert the tip too deep under the liquid level.

4. qPCR experiments recommend genomic removal steps to ensure that the results are more realistic and reliable.

5. This product is for research use ONLY!

On the selection of reverse transcription primers

1. If the template is of eukaryotic origin, it is recommended to choose Oligo (dT)18, paired with the 3' PolyA tail of eukaryotic mRNA, to obtain the maximum yield of full length cDNA.

2. Reverse transcription of prokaryote RNA should use Random Primers N6 or gene-specific primers.

3. Random Primers N6 is widely applicable to mRNA, rRNA, tRNA, small RNA and LncRNA plates. 

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