Hieff  NGS™ Stubby UDI Primer for Illumina (384 index)



Hieff NGS™ Stubby UDI Primer Kit for Illumina are four special kits for DNA library preparation for Illumina platforms, contain 12/96/192/384 kinds of indexed primers and PE adapter for NGS library preparation. The UDI Primers in all the Kits are the mix of i5 and i7 Primers. All the reagents provided in the kits are subjected strict quality control and functional verification to ensure the maximum stability and repeatability of the library preparation.


  • Enables construct of up to 384 kind of unique dual-indexed fragment libraries
  • Can effectively reduce index hooping
  • 96-well plate packaging, more suitable for automation


  • Indexed DNA fragment library preparation for NGS
  • UDI library construction
  • Automatic library construction


Product Line Illumina platform adapter
Starting Material DNA
Index type UDI
Workflow Step Library Barcoding
Index number Index 1-384 of 384 index
Library type Unique Dual-indexed fragment libraries


Components No. Name Volume
12407ES02 PE Adapter 4×672 μL
UDI Primer Plate A (1-96) 10μL each well
UDI Primer Plate B (97-192) 10μL each well
UDI Primer Plate C (193-288) 10μL each well
UDI Primer Plate D (289-384) 10μL each well

Shipping and Storage

All the components are shipped with dry ice and can be stored at -15℃~ -25℃ for 18 months.

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