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Supplier Terms & Conditions

The quality management system of Yeasen Biotechnology (Yeasen) has been established and operated in accordance with the ISO13485 quality management system since ISO 13485 quality system certification was obtained in 2021.

The comprehensive quality management involved people, machines, materials, law, environment, and measurements conducted in Yeasen. The product from Yeasen was manufactured and detected in accordance with enterprise quality standards before releasing to the market.

1. Yeasen always provides quality assurance and technical service only for goods imported through the official import channels. For goods imported from other channels, Yeasen does not provide a guarantee for the quality during import, transportation, and storage, and no technical service is provided either.

2. Yeasen found there were several distributors selling their own self-packing products under the brands and catalog numbers of YEASEN without permission. The company doesn’t provide a guarantee for the quality of goods during self-packing and sold through such channels, and no technical service is provided either.

3. If the customer has any questions regarding the product quality, please contact our sales or distributors and provide us with information like a detailed description of the experimental model and usage procedures, experimental data, and analyze data for reference and further process.
For customers purchasing Yeasen's products from distributors, please send your feedback on the products to the distributors, so Yeasen can find the corresponding order and delivery information, investigate and analyze the reason, and provide proper solutions for the customers.

4. Customer can return products that are damaged or defective on delivery, or quantity shortages or delivery errors if customer contacts us within 15 days from the day you receive the products and provide photos or videos to prove the above problems.