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An invitation letter-Meet Yeasen at MEDLAB Middle East 2024 in Dubai

1. About Medlab Middle East 2024

In its 23rd year now, Medlab Middle East, the MENA region's largest medical laboratory event, aims to build a community of global clinical laboratory manufacturers with healthcare specialists, procurement professionals, dealers, and distributors.

Medlab Middle East has been revolutionising laboratory medicine and paving the way for sustainable solutions. With an expected attendee count of 30,000 and more, the 2024 edition promises to be another elevated ride of knowledge sharing, forging connections and business building opportunities.

Medlab Middle East 2024, a home for 900+ medical laboratory manufacturers from 40+ countries around the world, offering a range of the latest, most innovative laboratory solutions, from equipment to diagnostic tests, instruments, reagents, and disposable supplies. It will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 5 to 8 February 2024. Come witness a world of medical laboratory innovation.


2. Where shall we meet?Where shall we meet?

 #Z2.G28.Yeasen will attend MEDLAB Middle East 2024, and our team is excited to see you at the meeting in person. Please check your invitation letter from Yeasen. Yeasen sincerely invites you to our booth #Z2.J03.

Welcome to visit us to explore our comprehensive product lines.

As a pioneer biotech enterprise, Yeasen has the capacity to integrate R&D, Production, and Sales of biological reagents and enzyme raw materials for our biotech customers. Products are widely used in the field of life science research, diagnosis and detection, and biomedicine.


3. Recommended Products

Product Name

Catalog No.


Hieff Unicon™ Universal Multiplex qPCR Master Mix


1 mL/5x1 mL /20 mL/100 mL

Hifair™ V Multiplex One Step RT-qPCR Probe Kit (UDG Plus)


50 T/100 T/1000 T/10000 T

Hieff Unicon™ V Lyo-nCoV Multiplex One-Step RT-qPCR Kit



Lyophilized Bst Plus DNA Polymerase (60 U/μL,Glycerol-Free)


12 KU/120 KU