Agarose is a purified linear galactoglycan hydrophilic colloid derived from agar or agar-containing algae. It is a linear polymer composed of β -d-galactosyl (1-4) linked to 3, 6-dehydrated α -L-galactosyl. As a gel reagent, it is commonly used for routine nucleic acid analysis by gel electrophoresis or blotting (such as Northern or Southern) and for protein applications, such as radiative immunodiffusion (RID) assay.


  • Gel electrophoresis


CAS# 9012-36-6
Appearance White to off-white powder
Gel Strength (1.0 %) ≥1200 (g/cm2)
Geling Range (1.5 %) 36±1.5℃
Melting Range (1.5 %) 88±1.5℃
Electroosmosis value (-mr) ≤0.13
Sulfate (%) ≤0.15 %
Moisture ≤10 %
DNase None Detected
RNase None Detected
Protease None Detected


Components No. Name 10208ES60 10208ES76
10208 Agarose 100 g 500 g

Shipping and Storage

The Agarose products are shipped at room temperature and can be stored at room temperature for 5 years.

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