ssDNA Assay Kit



ssDNA Assay Kit is a simple, sensitive, and accurate single-strand DNA (ssDNA) fluorescence quantitative detection kit with a good linear relationship between 1-200 ng. This kit contains a fluorescence detection reagent, buffer solution, and related ssDNA standards. Before use, dilute the buffer solution of fluorescence detection reagent into a working solution, and then add the ssDNA sample to be tested, then use the fluorescence microplate or Qubit Read with a fluorometer. The selectivity of this kit to single-stranded DNA is not higher than that to double-stranded DNA, but it has good tolerance to conventional pollutants such as proteins, salts, detergents, etc.


  • TFast and accurate ssDNA quantification
  • High sensitivity, there is a good linear relationship in the low-concentration range
  • Very suitable for the  MGI platform library


  • ssDNA quantification
  • MGI Circular library and DNB quantification
  • BS product quantification


Assay ssDNA Quantitation
Excitation/Emission 500/525
For Use With (Equipment) Qubit Fluorometer,fluorescence microplate
No. of Reactions 100T/500T
Product Line Qubit Quantitation
Quantitation Range 1-200 ng, 50pg/μL - 200ng/μL
Sample Volume 1 μL to 20 μL
Detection Method Fluorescent


Name Concentration 12646ES60 (100T) 12646ES60 (500T)
ssDNA Reagent 200× in DMSO 250 μL 1250 μL
ssDNA Buffer Not applicable 50 mL 250 mL
ssDNA Standard 1 0 ng/μL in TE buffer 1 mL 5×1 mL
ssDNA Standard 2 20 ng/μL in TE buffer 1 mL 5×1 mL

Shipping and Storage

All the components are shipped with ice packs and can be stored at 2℃~8℃ away from light for 6 months. Please avoid repeated freeze-thawing.


Figure 1 Linearity Performance

Test Sample: ssDNA standards; Conclusion: Good linearity within 0-200ng

Figure 2 Comparison of measured values of different batches and original Thermophile products

The stability of Yeasen(Cat # 12645)three batches of products is good, which can accurately quantify different types of ssDNA samples, and consistent with the competitive products(Thermo Q10212)

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