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New favorite for transfection—Linear PEI MW 40000, a more efficient transfection reagent

Product description

PEI MAX, also known as linearized polyethyleneimine PEI 40000 (Polyethylenimine Linear, MW 40000, is a product based on polyethyleneimine (Polyethylenimine L, PEI), a transient transfection reagent with a molecular weight of 40,000, with highly charged cations, very easily bind negatively charged DNA molecules, form complexes, and transfect into adherent and suspension cells, and have been widely used in scientific research and industrial applications.

Product advantages

PEI 40000 has many advantages over PEI 25000 Transfection Reagent.

1. PEI 40000 is easy to dissolve and can be directly dissolved in water, PEI 25000 needs to be adjusted to weakly acidic water to help it dissolve, and then adjusted to neutral pH with NaOH;

2. PEI 40000 is easy to operate, more Ease of use and better transfection effect than PEI 25000;

3. PEI 40000 is a completely shed structure, so its product performance is always efficient and consistent.

Product features

1. High transfection efficiency: suitable for transfecting DNA, when the cell density is between 70% and 80%, the transfection efficiency can reach more than 80%;

2. Wide range of applications: it is suitable for both adherent cells and suspension cells for transfection; and it can meet transient transfection and stable transfection.

3. Low toxicity: the transfected cells are in good shape and express a large amount of target protein;

4. Easy to operate: the solution is directly prepared with distilled water, and the complex can be directly added to the medium containing serum;

5. Cost-effective: the same specification is 1/3 of the price of competing poly** products, suitable for large-scale transfection.

Performance display

1. High transfection efficiency, suitable for adherent and suspension cells

It is suitable for a variety of cell lines including HEK-293, HEK293T, CHO-K1, COS-1, COS-7, NIH/3T3, Sf9, HepG2 and Hela cells, etc. , the transfection efficiency is as high as 80%~90%.

Table 1.List of validated cell lines

Adherent cells(1 μg DNA) Efficiency Suspension cells(2 μg DNA) Efficiency
HEK-293 80%-90% CHO-K1 85%
Sf9 80%-90% HEK-293T 70%-80%
HepG2 80%-90% THP-1 70%-80%
Hela 80%-90%
MCF-7 80%-90%
A549 80%-90%

Figure 2. PEI 40000 transfected GFP plasmid into adherent cells HEK-293, the transfection efficiency reached 90% after 72 h (left);

    PEI 40000 transfected GFP plasmid into suspension cells CHO-K1, and the transfection efficiency reached 80% after 72 h (right)

2. Low toxicity

It ensures cell viability and improves transfection efficiency.

Figure 3. PEI 40000 provided by YEASEN has much lower cytotoxicity than competing poly**

3. The transfection efficiency is higher than that of PEI 25000, which can completely replace PEI 25000

PEI 25000 contains 4-11% propionyl residues, preventing the polymer backbone from binding to DNA. Compared to PEI 25000, PEI 40000 is a completely shed construction, so its performance is consistently efficient.

Figure 4. HEK-293 cells were transiently transfected with GFP plasmid using PEI 25000 and PEI 40000 transfection reagents, and the fluorescence was observed after 72 h. 

Experimental results: PEI 40000 transfection efficiency is better than PEI25000.

4. Simple configuration and short transfection time

This product is an instant type, which can be directly dissolved in water without pH adjustment. And compatible with serum and antibiotics, no need to change the medium.

5. Cost-effective, suitable for large-scale transient transfection

Compared with imported products, Yeasen PEI 40000 transfection reagent has low price and stable batches.

Figure 5. Price comparison of PEI 40000 products of Yeasen and poly** (specification: 1 g)

Product information

Product name SKU Specifications
Hieff Trans™ Liposomal Transfection Reagent
40802ES02 0.5 mL
40802ES03 1.0 mL
40802ES08 5×1mL
Hieff Trans™ Suspension Cell-Free Liposomal Transfection Reagent
40805ES02 0.5 mL
40805ES03 1.0 mL
40805ES08 5×1 mL
Hieff Tran™ in vitro siRNA/miRNA Transfection Reagent
40806ES02 0.5 mL
40806ES03 1.0 mL
Polyethylenimine Linear(PEI) MW40000(rapid lysis)
40816ES02 100 mg
40816ES03 1 g
40816ES08 5×1 g